slap tear? labral issue? bursitis?

the rabbit hole of self diagnosing my shoulder issues continues…it seems like it maybe more than one thing. there are so many videos and opinions on this stuff! right now i’m still just collecting and sifting through them all and trying stuff to see what feels better…
Bursitis? Tendinitis? Labrum? Shoulder Problems? | Trevor Bachmeyer | SmashweRx

Shoulder pain from labral tears? Is the labrum really the problem?

Justins take away: labral tears are common in many people who do not feel feel any shoulder pain, the overall strength and mobility of the shoulder is the main factor
How to Build Big Shoulders (WITH A SHOULDER INJURY!!)

justin’s takeaway: use surrounding muscles to strengthen shoulder while not using labrum, use Justin’s band exercise 🙂

SLAP Tear Stretches & Exercises for Shoulder – Ask Doctor Jo