Pet food and dietary supplementation

Unless this is the first page you are seeing on my website, you should already know that I am a big believer in the power of diet and nutrition.

If money were no object, my animals would eat much more similar to how I eat. I would buy as much whole, real food, as possible, and prepare their meals myself.  However,  the cost of the ingredients is out of my current budget, so I am currently buying prepackaged pet food at the supermarket.

I believe that processed pet food has come a long way over the years, and I am sure that there are some quality prepackaged stuff you can buy for your dog or cat, especially at specialized pet stores.

That said, again, being on a tight budget most of my adult life, I have been raising my current dog and cat on supermarket kibble.

I am currently feeding my dog 3 types of Abound dry dog food. It is a grain free kibble with what looks like a good listing of ingredients.

I feed my cat Purina Cat Chow Naturals Original. He’s eaten this food for quite a long time and is 16 and seems healthy so I guess it can’t be that bad….

I do also hook up both my dog and my cat with bits of steak and salmon each week when I make myself food.

And also, and maybe most importantly for my dog, I do mix some extra quality ingredients in with his food which I think is very helpful for him.

Namely I grow fresh organic wheatgrass (which the cat does also munch on while its growing) but when it is at its peak I harvest it and juice it, freeze it, blend it, and add the frozen wheatgrass to his food each day. I also pour a bit of my SuperDuperBluper Smoothie on top of his food and make a gravey with his dry dog food. And lastly I have been giving him Peanut Butter Turmeric Balls for a while now, which I think I can see making him feel better now that he is 11 and still very active.