shoulder impingement!

So it seems like I got a pinch of “shoulder impingement”…..

What’s shoulder impingement? It’s terrible pain in the shoulder caused by an imbalance in the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles.

What caused this condition? Long story short, I’m thinking that my workout and dayjob routine led to me getting out of balance in my pecs, shoulders and back muscles.  Certain muscles were overused and tight, while other muscles were underused.  This has led to my shoulder joint pinching on a tendon and that tendon getting inflamed and causing a crazy amount of pain.  The pain started one night while sleeping on my side, but then turned into just aching for days and peaked with me being unable to lift my arm forward or even really use the arm at all for a couple days. NO BUENO!

What did I do about it? So once I realized how serious this issue was I did some research online about this condition, and I was able to find some physical therapy tests to isolate that “shoulder impingement” is indeed what the problem most likely is, and also some exercises and stretches to correct the problem.   However before I could even really do anything I had to reduce my inflamed tendon, so I iced my shoulder twice a day and did 400 mg ibuprofen twice a day, for 3 days. This made a huge difference in pain reduction and also allowed me to pretty much get full range of motion back in my arm and shoulder.

Rehab:  So the first things that I did that I think helped with pain reduction and also increased my range of motion was to use my foam roller and roll out my mid and upper back, and also make sure that I do not slouch at work, and to stop lifting any dogs in a way that strained my impinged shoulder. Below are a collection of videos that I found on youtube pertaining to this issue that I thought sounded like good or were otherwise helpful with this issue.

Videos that help diagnose shoulder issues:

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