Dog Tips

I started looking after my parents dogs when I was about 7, and when I was a teenager I also started walking, training, and taking care of other peoples dogs too. Since May of 2013 I have worked at a place called Pour La Pooch that does dog grooming and dog daycare.  My main job has always been taking care of the pack of dogs we watch over during the day in our indoor dog park, but I also run the front desk and check in and out the dogs that just come for grooming. I’m calculating that I have spent over 9000 hours watching a pack of about 20-30 dogs at a time, and have worked with over 500 different dogs. That time in addition to the extensive time I have spent taking care of my families dogs and my own dog as an adult has taught me a lot about dogs! So I figured that I would make some pages dedicated to such topics as:

(coming soon)

How I meet a dog for the first time.

Touching dogs, what do they generally like and dislike…

Understanding what a dog wants, and why it does what it does.

Walking dogs.

Exercising Dogs.

Dog food and dietary supplementation.