Super Red

this picture is from the Super Green, but the same warning in on the Super Red container

Trader Joe’s Super Red Powder

Source: Trader Joe’s

Cost: $20

Serving Size: 1 scoop (10 grams)

Cost per 10 gram scoop: $.66

Justin’s POV:

I have been taking this powder for many many years! I really like the the balance of ingredients, cost, and taste.  However just recently I noticed that they have added a warning to the label that says that it the powder might contain LEAD, as you can see in the above photo.  I have only just started digging into this, but obviously ingesting lead is a cause for concern.  But, just how much concern depends on how much lead, if any, is in the powder.  After a quick google, I came upon a lawsuit (see the PDF here) between Environmental Research Center Inc, and Trader Joe’s which I assume is the reason why Trader Joe’s added the prop 65 warning to the label recently. I have contacted Environmental Research Center in hopes of finding out if they actually did an independent test on the products, and if so, what there finding were, or if they just assumed there could be lead in there because of the ingredient listing, and filed the lawsuit to err on the side of public caution, or a legal fee payout.  I for one, would now like to see independent lab test of these powders since I take 10 grams a day of the green, and 10 grams a day of the red.