Justin’s Water test 6/12/2016

MY HOLLYWOOD APARTMENT WATER TEST 6/12/2016: I got a couple of water test tools on Amazon to test the water I drink and shower in. This video is long and super boring, but I just made it to verify the results…The RESULTS though are as follows:
Total dissolved solids: 488 ppm
Total Nitrate: .5 ppm
Nitrite: .3 ppm
PH: 8.5
Hardness: 250 ppm
Chlorine: 2.0 ppm
Lead: negative
pesticide: negative
Bacteria: (still waiting on results, but looks negative so far)
Summary: The TDS (total disolved solids) of my tap water are ay higher than I would like. Apparently the lower the number the better the body is able to use the water, as it is purer H20… The reverse osmosis water at my work is 24 ppm compared to the tap water at my apartment being 488 ppm for example…Also the Brita water filter barely changed the TDS count, but did definitely make a difference in my taste test, so it is doing something…But I think I want to invest in a reverse osmosis machine ASAP for the water I use in my smoothies and drink everyday…